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Updated:  Nov. 10, 2021

One of the ways this site can help and value INDIE artists is by featuring them and their works. The addition of entries depends heavily on my schedule and the participants' eagerness to accomplish answering at their convenience. By far, the result of conducting this perk yielded very positive results!  

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Learn pieces of information straight from the minds of your favorite global Indie Artists as they make things happen their way. Latest artists:  Sergio Serravalle!


100% OUT-OF-THE-BOX:  
Featuring a unique indie track by  Sneezy Beards.


Awesomesauce Q&A and Music of the Day Edition Archive.  Check them out here.

 Awesomesauce Q&A

An interview with indie bands and solo musicians...

eduanis thumbnail
Sergio Serravalle
PostIndusttrial Poets
PostIndustrial Poets

Sean Barron thumbnail
Sean Barron

Skylar Nevaeh thumbnail
Skylar Nevaeh

BaYaT thumbnail

Marako Marcus thumbnail
Marako Marcus
Kojie The Planet Stoned Plus  thumbnail
KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus
John Michie thumbnail
The John Michie Collective
Dazmin D'Leon thumbnail
Dazmin D'Leon
vernons future
Vernons Future
Aurore Sibley
Aurore Sibley
Executive Order
Executive Order
Byron Smith
Fendahlene thumbnail
Gib thumbnail
Ann thumbnail
Ann Badere-Santos
byebyefish thumbnail
satosii thumbnail
sugaar pan thumbnail
Sugaar Pan
eduanis thumbnail
Eduanis Zerquera

100% out-of-the-box

Featuring a unique indie track..!

This is not your typical guitar-bass-drums recording, an eccentric piece by the band Sneezy Beards.

 Past Featured Artist ('Music of the Day' Edition) 

Just click the names below to get to the page of each artists.

May, Week 1 & 2:

A transcendental rock track with ruthless vocals & instrumentation by Executive Order.  Visit the page!

April,  Week 3 & 4:
"Raga No.1 (Bhimpalasi): Afternoon"

A masterful jazz piano rendition of an exotic track by Charu Suri.  Visit the page!

April, Week 1 & 2:

A haunting song that pierces through the soul by singer & songwriter, Byebyefish. Visit the page!

March, Week 3 & 4:
"Set Me Free"

A thoughtful and heartfelt alternative pop song by singer & songwriter, ByronSmith. Visit the page!

 Playlist Archive

Awesomesauce Q&A and Music of the Day Edition Playlists

Awesomesacue Q&A

Top #1 selections of Q&A Indie Artists

Music of the Day Archive 1

Week 3 & 4, March 2021

Music of the Day Archive 2

Week 1 & 2, April 2021

Music of the Day Archive 3

Week 1 & 2, May 2021

Music of the Day Archive 4

Week 3 & 4, May 2021

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