Music Container

Music Container (MC), is an ex-Argonomist, entrepreneur and now an EDM Indie musician, DJ, and an amigo from Germany.

His music compositions are focused both on blazing and relaxing with upbeat groove/mix not limited to Deep House, Rave, Techno, Chill, and related.  I like the nice variations in his musical arrangements, delivering well-produced electronic tracks fit for chilling out and having fun.  MC is a driven person with many initiatives, doing music researches/studies on how this indie music business will move forward.  With aggressive stance, he had shown leadership in his own right.  One of his generous moves is when he started started featuring indie musicians in his BLOG.  Don't we just appreciate what MC does..!

Visit Music Container Blog (featuring my music /me)        

Meanwhile, my top 3 favorite tracks from MC are Pig Funky, Flow, and Escaping from the Light.  Don't miss listening to the rest, visit MC on Spotify.

Thank you, Music Container!

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