Music Container

Music Container (MC) is an Argentinian entrepreneur and a former Agronomist. He moved to Germany for the better.  Meanwhile, he focused on EDM as an Indie musician and DJ.

His music compositions delve into two moods that are either relaxing or blazing, upbeat groove/mix not limited to Deep House, Rave, Techno, Chill, and related.

The smooth transitions, great arrangement, and pleasant balance make his works great to listen to, well-produced electronic tracks fit for chilling out and having fun. 

MC is a driven person with great initiative in doing music research and studies on how his indie music business will move forward.  He is keen, proactive, with hints of leadership in his own right and aggressive disposition to change.

One of his helpful moves is featuring indie musicians in his BLOG. Cool indeed! 

Read his blog about my music.     

Meanwhile, my top 3 favorite tracks from MC are Pig FunkyFlow, and Escaping from the Light. The tracks are no longer on Spotify but don't miss listening to the rest. 

Starting 2022, MC surprised me with a new website showcasing his clear vision of the path he intends to spearhead with music. It looks very promising. Visit MC's official website: 


Thank you, Music Container!

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