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by annbsMay 21, 2021

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Hands down! This relentless five-piece alternative rock band - BaYaT - can shudder the listener's mind with riveting impact, like what exactly gets to you when you hear their song Madness, which is a statement. The band captivates the Indiedom with solid production, signature rendition, and teamwork. Upon my invitation, the band's front rep chose to answer from my list of prepped musical questions, which I am excited to share with you all.  

Favorite quote or epiphany as a group: 

"'Less is more' is what we keep telling ourselves, one of the phrases to remind us not to overdo or complicate things.  Which can be difficult sometimes." 

How do you organize your thoughts as a band and come up with great tracks?

From the very beginning things came together on its own, piece by piece.  First comes a good riff, often with some kind of a basic rhythm, then I come up with some idea for the chorus. That’s how it usually starts.
After that the song grows and the rest comes together from there. Our main goal is to have a great balance of energy, melody, message and that punch that leaves you thinking."   

What exactly do you like about making music?

"Oh, there are so many things, freedom in every aspect, the whole process from our heads and hearts to the final product is always rewarding and also challenges we go through sometimes while we create are always new and you end up learning something new every time."   

What are your band’s favorite musical instruments? 

"I guess everyone has its own, but we end up with some kind of a string instrument in almost every song."

If your band goes to Mars and is only allowed to bring 20 musical selections to play and nothing else, who would those artists be?

"Chris Cornell, Linkin Park, Metallica, System Of a DownStaind, Puddle of Mudd, Shinedown, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Sting, Bad Company, Sade and some classical, Verdi, Beethoven"

Who is the musician or band you could be best associated with the most?

"I'm not sure if I know the answer to that one. Definitely you can hear our influences we grew up with from 80s to 2000s, but I wouldn't say we are associated with any of them."  

If you are not doing music, what are your other interesting diversions?

"Nature and everything that has to do with it, hiking or working in it, or just simply relaxing in the nature. That kind of stuff."   

If you meet your most favorite band/artist, what would you tell him/her/them?

"Sadly, most of them I wanted to meet have passed away, but it would probably be "thank you for your music". There is a lot of talk about, but that is the essence of what I want to say to musicians that impacted my

If by chance, who would be that one band or artist you would like to jam with and why? 

"Right about now I just wanna jam. The best jam is always with the people you know."  

What is HOT music to you?

"Oh, well that’s easy, all of the 80s rock pretty much throw in some RnB, hip hop from 90s, 2000s, some Sade. That kind of music."

What is your most memorable experience as musician? 

"Everything about it really is special and memorable. I really enjoy doing what I do. But the most memorable ones would definitely be winning the Balkan’s Battle of The Bands, celebrating 40 years with one of the biggest bands around here Generacija 5 on a big stage in front of tens of the thousands of people and the last concert of BaYaT at Bela Crkva as a part of our 'So It Begins tour'."   

- Bravo!  Congratulations to all of  you. -- Ann 

What is your funniest experience as a musician?   

"Can’t remember them."   

Have you done interesting, weird quirks in the name of the music?

"I gotta say no.  I take music seriously and in a simple way.  I love to sing, to exchange energy with audience, and I always do that with clean and full heart."   

Which of your tracks is the most innovative or experimental? Why so?

"Well, every song we do for now, seems like a one step further. We explore all around our base which is in essence Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Slowburn was also a bit of an experiment and I’m really proud of it.  The most innovative one is the next single that is about to come out in a couple of months."

What are your top 3 most favorite tracks from your discography? 

"'Wasted Land' is the song I wrote in a very short time. It just kinda came out and perfectly summed up our first album. It is 100% me and truly a favorite of mine. 

'Madness' also came out at the right time with the right lyrics and emotions.  Whenever I hear it, I instantly feel everything that I felt at that period whilst I was writing it. 

'So It Begins' is probably the first track, the lyrics of which I wrote in full and instantly had an idea about the whole song. I think it also came out exactly how it was supposed to, with a really focused and powerful message."

If you could turn back the clock, which musical year/decade would you choose? Explain.

"Like you noticed I do like 70s, 80s kind of vibe. It was happy, good times especially when it comes to RnR. But I wouldn't wanna be in any other year or decade. Every time has its own thing and inspiration comes from that.  At least for me. Maybe just a glimpse into 70s and 80s would be enough..."  

Name your top 3 most influential musical figures of all time?   

Chris Cornell 
David Coverdale
Paul Rodgers  

BONUS Q:  What one word best describes you as a band?



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