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Updated:  Jan 15, 2022
Actual Pics of Book of Ragas Volume II CD and Carnegie Hall Card

Charu Suri

The Book of Ragas Volume II

Charu Suri is an award-winning virtuoso pianist who graced the Carnegie Hall and toured various places in the U.S. with her music. She combines Jazz with the exotic Indian-themed repertoire – an outright unique blend! I am in awe with our personal correspondence and the chance to explore, learn and appreciate her genius by listening to this majestic album.  

The very first music that I heard from her, by random pick, is Raga No. 1 (Bhimpalasi): Afternoon, a masterpiece from the book of Ragas Volume I, which is a warm-up from the more complex piano shredding unveiled in The Book of Ragas Volume II, an album that is hands down -- a knockout! 

The Book of Ragas Volume II is composed by Charu, which she rendered on piano with vocals by Falsa and vibraphone by Jesse Gerbasi. 

Raga Jaunpuri is a great opening track with relentless musicianship, complemented by flowing vocal chants, with playful swiftness, mellowed down by the haunting second track, Asavari (Late Morning). And then, AAJ Rang Hai (Traditional) is a journey that culminates into an upbeat percussive groove with fluid piano runs. The vibraphone in the arrangement adds an overall interesting crisp effect to the selections.

When I first heard Sankarabaranam, I told Charu that it resembles Impromptu by Schubert (No. 4 in A-Flat Major Allegretto, in particular). She recalled having indeed played Schubert's pieces during youth. I'm close at guessing, I suppose!
All four tracks of the album will get you into ethereal levels of beautiful sound texture. Listening is like unwrapping a special gift. They gave me generous goosebumps! The piano parts are serious and playful, with such dynamic dexterity and masterful touch!

Here are some insights straight from Charu, as quoted:

"Asavari was composed during the height of the pandemic, when all the riots were happening too with Black Lives Matter. So it is very haunting. People have emailed me to ask why it’s so haunting, so that’s the backstory.

Sankarabaranam — the closest raga you’ll get to a major scale — is one of my favorites. The combination of the vibraphone and piano came from listening to Chick Corea’s great duets with Gary Burton, especially his 'Senor Mouse.'"

For further information visit https://www.charusuri.com.

Charu Suri

"Raga Asavari (Jazz) from "The Book of Ragas vol. 2 Official Video"


"Raga No.1 (Bhimpalasi): Afternoon" Spotify Audio

A masterful jazz piano rendition of an exotic track by Charu Suri

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Charu Suri

"Raga No.1 (Bhimpalasi): Afternoon Official Video"

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