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Sometime March 2021, I started posting a personally chosen 'Music of the Day' on Twitter.  I compiled each tracks as Spotify playlists called Music of the Day Archive No.*, from where I decided to feature ONE winning artist in every two (2) weeks.  Best-viewed on desktop even if the page is mobile-friendly.  Enjoy while it lasts!

All public playlists are archived in my Spotify User account: AnnBS

Updated:  May 9, 2021

Featured Artist:  Byebyefish

"Novembre" Spotify Audio

A haunting song that pierces through the soul, by singer/songwriter, Byebyefish.

Music of the Day Archive 2 (Playlist)

Week 1 & 2, April 2021


"Divine Comedy" Video Cover by Byebyefish on Youtube

 Other Featured Artist 

May, Week 1 & 2:  "Wicked"

A transcendental rock track with ruthless vocals & instrumentation by Executive Order.

April, Week 3 & 4:
"Raga No.1 (Bhimpalasi): Afternoon"

A masterful jazz piano rendition of an exotic track by Charu Suri.

March, Week 3 & 4:  "Set Me Free"

A thoughtful and heartfelt alternative pop song by singer/songwriter ByronSmith.

 Past Playlist Archive

Music of the Day Archive 4

Week 1 & 2, May 2021

Music of the Day Archive 3

Week 3 & 4, April 2021

Music of the Day Archive 1

Week 3 & 4, March 2021

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