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by annbsMay 10, 2021

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Opening it with one of the interesting figures in the face of Indiedom,  I had correspondence with PostIndustrial Poets’ front man, Pete. He has this continental attitude, witty sense of humor, making him the circle's favorite, but primarily because of the dynamic music his band contributes to the scene.  I invited him to choose to answer from my list of prepped band questions, which I am excited to share with you:  

What are your band’s favorite musical instruments?

"The Poets love guitars (including bass). One of our specialities is to play in alternative tunings. Most of our songs feature a Fender and a Les Paul working together. Down by the Docks is the classic example of that, with a Strat played through a Crybaby and a Les Paul with some distortion."

If your band goes to Mars and is only allowed to bring 20 musical selections to play and nothing else, who would those artists be?

"Bob Dylan, John Coltrane, Memphis Slim, BB King, The Buzzcocks, Arctic Monkeys, Velvet Underground, the Stones, Syd Barrett, Van Morrison, Ann Badere-Santos...  You're sure we can only take 20?" 

- Yes, or the Martians will get grumpy! ;) -- Ann 

If you are not doing music, what are your other interesting diversions?

"Travel, probably. We have lived in a few places and traveled pretty much around the world (but we are missing the Philippines). And we love cinema too.  But then when we travel we like to listen to music, and we love films with a musical theme, so maybe it comes back to music again. The last place outside Europe any of us got to was Brazil and Brazil has the most incredible musical culture. It would be great to spend more time there!"

If by chance, who would be that one band or artist you would like to jam with and why?

"Maybe Ry Cooder, although we might be too much in awe to do much. He's a completely awesome guitarist of course, and he also wrote one of our all time favorite songs (Dirty Chateau...).  But fantastic as a musical director, and someone who draws on a range of music that overlaps with our own influences. It would be fantastic to see him at work!" 

What is your most memorable experience as musician?

"Three occasions when I have been on stage, not knowing what I was going to play, and it has come off.  Twice when I was a kid in Gloucester, once here in Luxembourg." 

Which of your tracks is the most innovative or experimental? Why so?

"It is a track that we have recorded, but not yet released. It will probably be our next release. And it is called... well, I'm not sure that the working title will be the final title. It is a short pop track��(under two minutes) with weird lyrics, a gong, backward-envelope guitar and - well we love it!  Expect it to come out in June." 

What are your top 3 most favorite tracks from your discography?

"Not so easy to choose 3 but 

1. That's When You Blew My Mind

This is quite a free-flowing piece of music, and it still surprises us that we got it down so easily. It is probably the song where the music does most of the work and is most expressive - in fact the music made us change the words. Originally the lyric was going to be much sadder that
it is on the final version. 

2. It Happens All the Time

Probably our favourite vocal, and a late night, melancholic vibe.  It was going to be a two guitar song but at an early stage in recording we came up with the take you hear on the track, and decided to try with an organ instead of a second guitar.  And again what you hear is virtually the first take (we did a little bit of editing but no overdubs).  You can hear the room on both guitar and vocals, and we like that too! 

3. I Gave You My Disease

This was an easy song to write, but a tricky song to record. Probably our favourite lyric because of the humour. We have just put a longer, slightly re-mixed version on Bandcamp." 


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