It's not easy to be an egg who first started off as a pesky pellet.  If you dig that, then be my guest. :)

Awake now? I am Ann.  I created this web to share INDIE Music, ARTistry, BLOGS and personalized ARTicles. Here, you can also find the links of my creative and talented colleagues who share the same interest.  Feel free to browse around, relate a piece of yourself to each contents here.  Enjoy! 

What's Coming Soon?
Close to Me

A haunting wuv song called "Close to Me"!  Know more...

What's NEW?

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Polychrome (R.G.B. Theme)

NEW funk rock single, released on Jan. 22, 2021 -- a swift guitar jam in E-minor, 1:45 minute-solo instrumental track.  Know more...