Hello sapiens & zombies!

It's me, Ann, the queenpin of awesomesauce blitz ;). 

I run this web to share my personal ART such as INDIE Music compositions, Comix / PaintingsJournalsARTicles.  Doing these stuff keep me self-driven in many ways because they occupy my free-time, and I like that context! 

And there are perks!   Because I also interviewed some unsigned global INDIE musicians as an extra-mile support in the name of entertainment.  Visit Awesomesauce Q&A.

In case you want to know recent stuff, read what's brewin' in my NOW page... 

Enjoy and thank you for dropping by!

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"In the Mind of the Weeping Clock"~ OUT NOW! (Original Indie Music)

Don't miss this playful and quirky synth ensemble!


Work Faster! (NEW!)

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Know about the minds of indie musicians in this Awesomesauce Q&A page! 

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