This webpage is for the zombies!

It's me, Ann, the queenpin of awesomesauce blitz ;).  I run this web to share INDIE Music, visual ARTJournalsARTicles, and perks for GLOBAL INDIE Talents (Creative Alliance links, and Awesomesauce Q&A of Musicians).  In case you want to know what's brewin... 

I would feel lucky for anyone still reading right now because we live in a very distracted era. But the zombies have reservation for the brains, pun intended, that is why they are my perfect guests! 

Just pulling your legs. Thank you for your invaluable time! :) 

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"Lilac Dawn" (Instrumental) is OUT NOW!

Yet another guitar-driven solo jam!

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Know about the minds of indie musicians in Awesomesauce Q&A page! 

Read about Rare Indie Gems featuring the jazz pianist Charu Suri.

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