Make Someone Happy or Not

Date Posted: March 31, 2021

There are several ways to classify anything as opposites in this daily living. For now, I will take this very mainstream topic: making someone happy or not.

Try to make someone happy -- all the way, no holds barred..! It is rewarding to let go of ourselves doing it, giving a surge of unspoken energy that can't be explained. Making someone happy makes us happy too!

How many people do we encounter daily? How many frowned after conversing with us? How many smiled?

Others just gave a poker face.

We can score ourselves on how many times we don't care. It's also the day we went home feeling dragged. But if we intend to make someone happy now, and I mean sincerely, it will make a difference.

Imagine a world where everyone's habit is to let another person be happy daily, even in the simplest way...  Try!


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