NOW Page

This page only shares what are in the works NOW to help me get focused and be accountable to complete my listed activities.  I do not disclose future plans and goals here.

Updated:  Feb 16, 2024

A. 2024: 

General: website is still stuck with Bootstrap front-end. 

1. D.I.Y. Indie Music: 

  • Working on an instrumental called "Dissonance Fetish." Score is 75% done!
  • Still (Version 2024) Album is OUT now on streaming platforms!  Released Jan 12, 2024!
  • Song of the Night Owl (Acoustic Piano Solo) is out now on streaming platforms! Released on Dec. 22, 2023.
  • Revived an old electronic music fit for computer games.  It is called "Fortress." 99% done.
  • Polishing a new Violin/Piano duet composition called "Nobyembre 2023." Music score is 98% done.
  • Experimenting on a new alternative music.  Ironic lyrics and full chords complete. 50% done.
2. Artworks:
  • No current activity
    4. Featured Indie Artist (Site Perk):
    • No update.
    B.  Personal 2024:
    • Married with one child 
    • Current day job:  I work (virtually) for a non-traditional engineering company based in Europe. 
    • Writes journal of ideas in a notebook as much as possible. Lately, I watch artistic & mind-bending (and even creepy /weird) movies to improve my story-telling sequences.
    • Been banking guitar patterns for new composition. Also using Musescore a lot. Playing the guitar &  piano (more) on spare time, but daily during breaks.