NOW Page

This page only shares what are in the works NOW to help me get focused and be accountable to complete my listed activities.  I do not disclose future plans and goals here.

Updated:  April 3, 2024

A. 2024: 

General: website is still stuck with Bootstrap front-end. 

1. D.I.Y. Indie Music: 
  • Working on a dissonant piano-violin duet, 99% done. 
  • "Still (Version 2024)' is OUT NOW on streaming platforms (Spotify, AppleMusic, etc).  Released Jan 12, 2024!
2. Artworks:
  • Studying NFT's pros and cons.
  • Doodling with Wacom lately. 
4. Featured Indie Artist (Site Perk):
  • No update.
B.  Personal 2024:
  • Married with one child 
  • Current day job:  I work (virtually) for a non-traditional engineering company based in Europe. 
  • Back to learning this new language which I was studying last year.  
  • Writing a journal of ideas in a notebook. Watching artistic to creepy /weird movies to improve my story sequencing.
  • Using Musescore a lot. Playing the piano more daily on spare time than the guitar.  But I've been banking guitar patterns for a new composition.
  • Always thinking, and I don't like this stupid state of over-thinking.  (Slaps self).