NOW Page

This page only shares what are in the works NOW to help me get focused and be accountable to complete my listed activities.  I do not disclose future plans and goals here.

Updated:  Sept 24, 2022

A. 2022: 
1. D.I.Y. Indie Music: 

  • Studying a song for an indie music collab with Stefan Voss.
  • "In the Mind of the Weeping Clock" official video is now on youtube.  
  • "In the Mind of the Weeping Clock" Audio is OUT NOW on streaming platforms. Released June 26, 2022!
  • An instrumental track called Arhythmetic II: The Grind OUT NOW 
    on streaming platforms.  Released Feb. 25, 2022! 
  • Re-mixing Lilac Dawn (Acoustic Version).  90% done. 
  • Reworked the arrangement of Arhythmetic III: Mad Canticle - odd time signature.  60% done. 
  • Arhythmetic IV: Aftermath - odd time signature.  30% done. 
2. Artworks:
  • Art slows down due to time constraints.       
3. Journal:
4. Featured Indie Artist (Site Perk):
B.  Personal 2022:
  • Married with one child 
  • Current day job:  3d / B.I.M. 
  • Learning a new language in a slow phase
  • Writes journal of ideas as much as possible in a notebook. 
C.  Recommended Links for now:

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