NOW Page

I do not disclose future plans and goals here.

Updated:  June 22, 2024

A. 2024: 

General: website is still stuck with Bootstrap front-end. 

1. D.I.Y. Indie Music: 
  • Working on a dissonant piano-violin duet, 99.9% done.  Yes, I left it hanging, not yet satisfied!
  • No new music released!  "Still (Version 2024)' is OUT NOW on streaming platforms (Spotify, AppleMusic, etc).  Released Jan 12, 2024!
2. Artworks:
  • Last week I attended a "Nude Drawing" event.  Duration ranges from 5 minutes per pose to a max of 15 minutes or so.  Nothing much was done in 5 minutes. It's ambient though!  There's a duet with violinist starting it up before each session.  Candles.  Now I am inspired and refreshed.  Might post drawings soon.   
4. Featured Indie Artist (Site Perk):
  • No update.
B.  Personal 2024:
  • Married with one child 
  • Current day job:  I am working (virtually) for a non-traditional engineering company based in Europe. 
  • Back to learning a new language, and also improving my English.  
  • So much black in my wardrobe I could use an exorcist! Now I am studying better fashion colors -- wonderful!  Sorting/eliminating things out.  Working on some sets of capsule outfit in a budget.  It's damn hard!
  • Always writing a journal of ideas in a notebook.
  • Playing the piano more daily (memorizing pieces) on spare time.  
  • I've been banking guitar patterns for a new composition.
  • Always thinking, and abhorring this stupid state of over-thinking.  (Slaps self).