Catalyst to Deliberate Action!

Date Posted: Nov 12, 2022

This entry is a sequel to "Working Fast."

It might sound typical because, for sure, most of you are into doing several things at one time.  

And so I took it as something to test my endurance and time management.

I was training to do something new, with my older task intermixed, which took off as a mix of training and producing for a client project. On top of this, there is another larger project coinciding with it. The truth is, I am still slow with the new skill, so I end up catching up a bit in the wee hours to train further while completing the project.  

And I want to finish my commitment always. It makes me sad if I don't.

I got a time extension when the larger project was 95% done. It was a lifesaver. But deep inside, I consider this to be my failure.

The second task has been finished but with a time extension.

"You need to tell in advance if you can't finish," says the boss.

Communicate! That's just it.

The whole place came into order, with communication as the missing catalyst. I forgot about that. It is merely one gulp to accept that I can't do it on time. It would hurt my momentum, but it keeps the balance of things. It is the hardest battle to win with grace because it is raising the white flag. But it's not death.

And there are thoughts to battle with again. But there are times when such thinking should not dominate the mind.

From this internal battle, I learned a realization to debunk the word multi-tasking and consolidate it as "doing things one at a time, but with continuous deliberate action and communication..."