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Digital Comic Strips / Illustrations

Background:  I did comic illustrations under a pen name for a niche offshore publisher. The style is what I applied in my Cover Art for the music singles 'Gentlewind' and 'Arhythmetic I: Monochrome.' (Bottom of this page).  They are Wacom-drawn vector line-art, and then digitally colored.  

Anyway, I was trying to develop my flair in goofy cartooning as of late. Below are my initial attempts at it, something I never did before.  

fart comix
Fart Terminology
(10 Comic Strips)

Could be your wackiest
bathroom humor... 

desperado comix
Desperado Series
(2 Comic Strips)

The ridiculous predicament 
of a die-hard optimist!  

rox comix
Rox Comix
(2 Comic Strips)

Meet Rox Florintana, the Roxstar with an attitude.  

juan taratitat
Juan Taratitat: 
The Illustrated Blog

The life episodes of our 'punny' blog hero... 

Conventional Artworks

There were times when I nosebleed with these stuff...  
Shifting to digital art robbed me off the opportunity to face the canvas often.

oil painting

3'x4' Oil on Canvas

oil paintings

Random Art in Oil/Acrylic

Concise ART-icles


Personal artistic SECRETS that I'd like to share with you. You can merge them with your learned (artistic) experiences to find what's useful to you.