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Music has the power to stir your soul or be useless background noise. It's your call. I'm a DIY producer and musician who loves to create unique tracks with my own CURLY style. Listen to my selections right here and let's start this musical journey together!


Mica China ( \'Mē-ka 'Chē-na\ ) is the vocalist of my four (4) songs here, as indicated. She is pursuing a Conservatory of Music (major piano and minor in voice).

I have a one-track virtual collab with The Anjo Project c/o Marako Marcus,  an indie musician, multi-Instrumentalist & author.

The latest is a multi-cultural collab for a cause where 9 of us sung 3 languages for the choir parts of a Deutsch-pop song led by Stefan Voss, a composer, musician & artist, together with (alphabetical): Animal RevoltEduanis Zerquera, JMPinker, Johanna Saint-Pierre, Luis Lyness, Nathalie Weider, Roderiko Pop, and The Perics.

Visit my exclusive collab video page here.  It's called "Tango In Fado."

 What's New? 

"Lilac Dawn (Acoustic Mix)"
Latest release!

A broody acoustic jam built around the thought of screaming without sound.

Release date:  Oct 21, 2022

Genre:  Acoustic Rock  

"In the Mind of the Weeping Clock"

A playful and quirky synth ensemble!  Something you won't hear on a daily basis. 

-- Remastered with Cloudbounce

Release date:  June 26, 2022

Genre:  Experimental Electronic  

"Arhythmetic II:  The Grind"

Prog-fetish unleashed in this 7/8-time sig track of organized noise, granular guitar works.  My heaviest yet... 

Release date:  Feb 25, 2022

Genre:  (Concise) Prog  Rock  

 What's Coming Soon? 

My longer-term focus is called ARHYTHMETIC PROJECTS.  These are series of singles with prog-rock elements. In between, there will be cover projects and other original single tracks of eclectic genre. More at my NOW page...

Cover (Title TBA)

Jamming this track for a while, so I recorded the guitar tracks for future release.

Release date:  Indefinite

Genre:  Prog Rock 

"Arhythmetic III:  Mad Canticle"

It will be mad this time! 

 -- with Mica China on Piano

Release date:  Indefinite

Genre:  Prog Rock 

Music Archive

"Drifting Nostalgia" - (Collaboration)

A melancholy track in collaboration with The Anjo Project c/o Marako Marcus.

--- with MARAKO MARCUS on Lead Guitar, keys, Mix/Master; and yours truly on plucked guitar, drum/bass beats. -

Release date:  Jan, 28, 2022

Genre:  Post Rock

"Lilac Dawn"(Instrumental)

It is a broody guitar jam of uncharted chord fragments about screaming without sound.  

Release date:  Oct 1, 2021

Genre:  Experimental Rock

"Ending Credits"(Opeth Cover)

This cover is based on Opeth's Shepherd's Bush Empire concert version.  What started out as casual jam of backing tracks became a full cover!

Mechanical license:  License #125371 by

Ending Credits by Mikael Lars Akerfeldt | Copyright Universal Music Z Tunes o/b/o Imagem

Release date:  July 23, 2021

Genre:  Prog Rock

Youtube Full Cover Video is available. See Youtube uploads below!!!


It is a surreal song for my husband; with crafty grooves and rhythms played by me on guitar, and piano.

Release date:  June 18, 2021

Genre:  Soft Rock

"Close to Me"

An acoustic rendition of a haunting wuv song enhanced by percussive backdrop.

Release date:  March 12, 2021

Genre:  Dreamy Pop / Experimental

"Polychrome (R.G.B. Theme)"

This single with a 'sexier title,' * was inspired by Pink Floyd's "The Wall." It is a swift guitar jam about a job task.  

Release date:  Jan 22, 2021

Genre:  Funk Rock

* "sexier title than Arhythmetic" according to PostIndustrial Poets -- cracks me up!  :D

"Arhythmetic I:  Monochrome"

This song is a quintessential, doomed nightmare based on my tragic close encounter with death.  It is guitar-driven, and heavier this time, with a short soprano adlib inspired by Phantom of the Opera. 

-- with MICA CHINA on  Vox (lead / backing), Soprano adlib

Release date:  Dec. 25, 2020

Genre:  Prog Rock (debut attempt) /Experimental

"Time Remains"

The song is a mix of aeolian and eerie mood.  It puts emphasis on the mundane rat-race with the solitude's bestfriend -- TIME!
"Apparently, this is my indie rock requiem!" 

-- with MICA CHINA on  Vox (lead / backing)

Release date:  Aug 9 , 2019 

Genre:  Alternative / Experimental

"Still (feat. Mica China)" 

It's brownout when I fret this tune in one rainy, tough college day. The dreary instance coined the lyrics of being aboard on a sailing ship.  It drowned while blazing into flames.  As the embers submerge, the song resolves with depth.

Read the expounded philosophy behind this song

-- with MICA CHINA on Vox (lead / backing)

Release date:  May 15, 2019

Genre:  Alternative / Experimental

"Song of the Night Owl" (Instrumental)

It's an eerie piano piece about one twilight in a hidden forest inhabited by fireflies and a creepy owl, mixed while sipping coffee in half cups!

Release date:  Feb 28, 2019

Genre:  Minimalist / Experimental

"Wandering Souls"

Imagine a mysterious heroine on her way to meet someone significant in a never-known, deserted fortress.  But the cosmic cycle could snap off any chances of letting it happen.  Like a transparent thought, it lingers for ages..." 

-- with MICA CHINA on Vox (lead / backing)

Release date:  Aug 9 , 2019 

Genre:  Chamber Pop

 Some Youtube Video Uploads...

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My full video COVER (Guitars & backing tracks) of OPETH's Ending Credits.  Audio is available on Spotify, Apple Music & other streaming platforms. 

A casual rendition of a Mendelssohn-Bartholdy piece: Songs Without Words Opus 30 No. 6 (2018)

POLYCHROME (R.G.B. Theme) Guitar Jam Video - Original Indie Music.  Premiered Oct 21, 2021.

In the Mind of the Weeping Clock (Official Video) a quirky and playful synth ensemble - Original Indie Music.  Video Release: July 16, 2022.

The video is created with #rotorvideos

 Music Connections

Albert Barry Dompor, a pianist friend, sight-reads and tests my piano score of "Song of the Night Owl."  SUBSCRIBE to his Youtube Channel! 

Stefan Voss, a composer/artist friend led this multi-cultural collab for a cause.  Nine (9) of us sung the choir parts with him in German, English & Spanish.  SUBSCRIBE to his Youtube Channel! 

Find the Exclusive Collab Page here NOW!!! 

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Making music happen.  Thank you!


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