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Updated:  April 23, 2021

It's me, Ann.  This is how I emerged around here as your beloved musician: I am like a molten magma seething at the core of the rigid earth that suddenly slipped through a nano-millimeter crack at a force of one zillion PSI.  As I made it to the surface, the great MUSIC MUSE patted my back saying: "The great sh!t has just began!" ;)

I play the guitar and piano, composing tunes in silence for years, having strong interest in learned listening to classical, prog rock/metal and eclectic choices, which fueled me to produce my own style of tunes. I set it straight in 2019, releasing a debut creepy single, Song of the Night Owl.

I collaborate with Mica China (pronounced as Meeca Cheena) to sing 4/7 of my music here.  She is coming of age pursuing Conservatory of Music, Major in Piano (Classical) and Minor in Voice. 

 What's New? 

"Close to Me" Latest 7th Single Release!

A haunting wuv song resurrected from my past recorded vocals.  What I revamped is the full instrumentation, like I have this habit of changing my mind at any point in time .  This is my full mix with Ableton DAW after shifting to it months ago. 

Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics & E-Backing Tracks --> by Ann

Release date:  March 12, 2021

Genre:  Dreamy Pop / Experimental

Polychrome (R.G.B. Theme)

This 6th single with a 'sexier title'* was inspired by Pink Floyd's "The Wall."  It is a swift guitar jam in an upbeat 1:45-minute solo instrumental track.

Lead/Rhythm Guitars & E-Backing Tracks --> by Ann

Release date:  Jan. 22, 2021

Genre:  Funk Rock

* "sexier title than Arhythmetic" according to PostIndustrial Poets -- cracks me up!  :D

 What's Coming Soon? 


A soulful and very heartfelt song with complex instrumentation and groove...  Stay tuned! 

Guitars, Piano & E-Backing Tracks --> by Ann

Release date:  No definite date

Genre:  Pop  

"Arhythmetic II:  Mad Canticle"

2nd prog rock attempt...  It's mad this time, part of ARHYTHMETIC PROJECT.    

Piano --> by Mica China  

Guitars & E-Backing Tracks --> by Ann

Release date:  No definite date

Genre:  Prog Rock 

 Past Released Music

"Arhythmetic I:  Monochrome"

This song is a quintessential doomed nightmare, rolled into a 5-minute song, guitar-driven and heavier this time.  It has Mica's short soprano adlib inspired by Phantom of the Opera.  It is part of ARHYTHMETIC PROJECT, series of mixed odd time-signature singles, with prog elements, to be released one by one until next year.    

Lead Vocals + Short Soprano Adlib --> by Mica China
Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Lyrics & E-Backing Tracks --> by Ann

Release date:  Dec. 25, 2020

Genre:  Prog Rock (debut attempt) /Experimental

"Time Remains"

When an artist is shredding one moment with the muse, the bell tolls...  It's an eerie song, backed up by clean finger-picked guitar riffs and swirling guitar effects.  It is a rat-race with solitude’s best friend -- TIME.

Lead & Backing Vocals --> by Mica China
Guitars, Some Wah, Lyrics & E-Backing Tracks --> by Ann
"Apparently, this is my indie rock requiem!" 

Release date:  Aug 9 , 2019 

Genre:  Alternative / Experimental

"Still (feat. Mica China)" 

It's brownout when I fret this tune in one rainy, tough college day. The dreary instance coin the lyrics of being aboard peacefully on a sailing ship that suddenly drowned as it blazed into flames.  As the embers submerge, the song resolves with depth.

Read the expounded philosophy behind this song.         

Lead & Backing Vocals --> by Mica China
Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Lyrics, E-Backing Tracks --> by Ann

Release date:  May 15, 2019

Genre:  Alternative / Experimental

"Song of the Night Owl"

It's an eerie, instrumental music about one twilight in a hidden forest inhabited by fireflies and one creepy owl, mixed while sipping coffee in half cups…

Piano and E-Backing Tracks --> by Ann

Release date:  Feb 28, 2019

Genre:  Lower Case / Experimental

"Wandering Souls"

Imagine a mysterious heroine on her way to meet someone significant in a never known, deserted fortress.  But the cosmic cycle could snap off any chances of letting it happen, like a transparent thought.  It lingers for ages..." 

Lead & Backing Vocals --> Mica
Lyrics and E-Backing Tracks --> Ann

Release date:  Aug 9 , 2019 

Genre:  Alternative / Experimental

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 Some Youtube Video Uploads...

 My guitar & voice cover of "Black Bird" by The Beatles (shortened version).  

In 2018, I did a casual rendition of a Mendelssohn-Bartholdy piece:  "Songs Without Words Opus 30 No. 6" (Venetian Boat Song).

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Making music happen.  Thank you!


Talented and kind friends who made me smile.  Thank you!

An Art by YSE Designs

YSE, a talented Dutch artist friend honored me with her art, inspired by Song of the Night Owl.

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MC, an EDM Indie musician & DJ, an amigo from Germany featured me in his cool music blog.