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Updated:  Dec. 3, 2021

It is me, Ann, a DIY indie musician/composer who loves to play the guitar & piano and mix my analog playing with experimental digital backing tracks. My strong interest in listening to the classical masters (including kundiman), prog rock, and eclectic choices fueled me to produce my CURLY musical style.  

I collaborate with Mica China (pronounced as Meeca Cheena), the vocalist of my four (4) songs here as indicated. She is pursuing a Conservatory of Music (major piano and minor in voice). 

 What's New? 

"Lilac Dawn"(Instrumental)

What can't be mustered in one broody dawn becomes an instrumental track, driven by uncharted chord fragments on guitar. 

Release date:  Oct. 1, 2021

Genre:  Experimental   

"Ending Credits"(Opeth Cover)

This cover is based on Opeth's Shepherd's Bush Empire concert version.  What started out as casual jam of backing tracks became a full cover!

Release date:  July 23, 2021

Genre:  Prog Rock


It is almost a surreal song  with crafty grooves, written some years back, re-take of guitar, piano and vocals done some weeks before release.

Release date:  June 18, 2021

Genre:  Soft Rock / Ballad

 What's Coming Soon? 

My longer-term focus is called ARHYTHMETIC PROJECTS, which are series of singles with prog-rock elements. There will be cover projects and other original single tracks of eclectic genre in between.

Drifting Nostalgia

My first indie collab with The Anjo Project c/o Marako Marcus -- Coming very soon!

Release date:  Jan 28, 2022

Genre:   Post Rock 


A mysterious and creepy instrumental music.

Release date:  Indefinite

Genre:   -- 

"Arhythmetic II:  Mad Canticle"

Another prog-rock attempt. It's mad this time! 

 -- with Mica China on Piano

Release date:  Indefinite

Genre:  Prog Rock 

Music Archive

"Close to Me"

An acoustic rendition of a haunting wuv song enhanced by a percussive backdrop.

Release date:  March 12, 2021

Genre:  Dreamy Pop / Experimental

"Polychrome (R.G.B. Theme)"

This single with a 'sexier title,' * was inspired by Pink Floyd's "The Wall." It is a swift guitar jam in an upbeat 1:45-minute solo instrumental track.

Genre:  Funk Rock

Release date:  Jan 22, 2021

* "sexier title than Arhythmetic" according to PostIndustrial Poets -- cracks me up!  :D

"Arhythmetic I:  Monochrome"

This song is a quintessential, doomed nightmare (said with a touch of metaphor), is actually about a tragic real life episode that almost took my life! Rolled into a duration of 5-minutes, it is guitar-driven, and heavier this time with a short soprano adlib inspired by Phantom of the Opera. 

-- with Mica China on Vocals

Release date:  Dec. 25, 2020

Genre:  Prog Rock (debut attempt) /Experimental

"Time Remains"

The song is a mix of aeolian and eerie mood.  It puts emphasis on the mundane rat-race with TIME, which is solitude's best friend!

-- with Mica China on Vocals
"Apparently, this is my indie rock requiem!" 

Release date:  Aug 9 , 2019 

Genre:  Alternative / Experimental

"Still (feat. Mica China)" 

It's brownout when I fret this tune in one rainy, tough college day. The dreary instance coin the lyrics of being aboard peacefully on a sailing ship that suddenly drowned as it blazed into flames.  As the embers submerge, the song resolves with depth.

Read the expounded philosophy behind this song.         

-- with Mica China on Vocals

Release date:  May 15, 2019

Genre:  Alternative / Experimental

"Song of the Night Owl" (Instrumental)

It's an eerie instrumental, piano-driven piece about one twilight in a hidden forest inhabited by fireflies and one creepy owl, mixed while sipping coffee in half cups!

Release date:  Feb 28, 2019

Genre:  Minimalist / Experimental

"Wandering Souls"

Imagine a mysterious heroine on her way to meet someone significant in a never-known, deserted fortress.  But the cosmic cycle could snap off any chances of letting it happen, like a transparent thought.  It lingers for ages..." 

-- with Mica China on Vocals

Release date:  Aug 9 , 2019 

Genre:  Alternative / Experimental

 Some Youtube Video Uploads...

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My full video COVER (Guitars & backing tracks) of OPETH's Ending Credits.  Audio is available on Spotify, Apple Music & other streaming platforms. 

A casual rendition of a Mendelssohn-Bartholdy piece: Songs Without Words Opus 30 No. 6 (2018)

POLYCHROME (R.G.B. Theme) Guitar Jam Video - Original Indie Music.  Premiered Oct 21, 2021.

 Music Connection

Albert Barry Dompor, a pianist friend, did a casual sight-reading to test my piano score of "Song of the Night Owl."  SUBSCRIBE to his Youtube Channel! 

 Major Streaming Links

Making music happen.  Thank you!


Talented and kind friends who made me smile.  Thank you!


Yumiko, a talented bass player of the band, KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus, translated my interview...
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YSE Designs

YSE, a talented Dutch artist friend honored me with her art, inspired by Song of the Night Owl.
Music Container Blog

MC, an EDM Indie musician and an amigo from Germany featured me in his music blog.


Song of the Night Owl

Song of the Night Owl



Wandering Souls

Wandering Souls

Time Remains

Time Remains

Arhythmetic I:  Monochrome

Time Remains

Polychrome (RGB Theme)

Time Remains

Close to Me

Time Remains



Ending Credits (Opeth Cover)

Ending Credits (Opeth Cover)

Lilac Dawn (Instrumental)

Lilac Dawn (Instrumental)