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Written & Illustrated by:  Ann B.S.

While the Ship is not Yet Sinking…

Nov. 2019

You don’t have to stop doing what you ought to do just because the ship is already sinking…

Get the last pen and sheet of paper that you can find. Start writing the most important message you have been keeping in your mind for a long while, for someone dear. Let the pressure purge your thoughts out. And if you are lucky to find an empty bottle, seal your message inside. What else would you do? Could be something else too. It's all a game of chance now.

Why wait until the ship is sinking? Do what it takes while you are still onboard because it will not be long until you find yourself always treading in the middle of the sea with only your head showing through. And when the slight wave forces you underneath, you swim up to the surface for a gasp of air. There is nothing around but a receding horizon where the light is too blinding to find comfort. Funny how, you don’t sink at once because humans are wired for survival. So, you start paddling your arms again to stay afloat. The process will only repeat until you can sustain no more.

Do what you can do while the ship still sails peacefully. It would mean not wasting time the moment you got on board for a life's (maybe) last trip. It will lessen the tasks thereafter. If you made it to the border, then you have compiled a luggage of productive ideas… or something else better. 

But a fickle storm could switch to its favorite twist of drowning all your plans, your luggage and existence. The options to avoid getting sabotaged by circumstance are possible if all alternatives were taken ahead of time.

When the great ship submerged before you are done, it would all be a pointless wallow in the vast sea of nothing.


This blog is the extension of my original music, "STILL". Here's the excerpt of lyrics:

Life's so still
And it's left into your eyes to see
Floating like a ship within the sea
So lost and free
Now I need is more than what a word can do... 
The bright sun hits my eye,
I'm lying still on the sand...

[Listen now to the full audio version of music, auto-generated by youtube.]