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Artmusicworks.com is in its 2nd year of contributing high-quality content such as indie music, art, concise journals/articles, and resources for a global audience. 

One of its perks is to feature talented indie artists, all in the name of creativity and entertainment. 

This site is NOT for everyone. It is only for those who care about indie music, arts, and making things happen.

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Hi! I'm Ann, the foundress of this site, a design professional, ARTist/comic illustrator, indie musician (by hobby), and an avid fan of learning things -- just like most of you. I organized my thoughts to put my side-skills to work, and share them with those who care enough to find meaning in them. These are my core reasons for running this web, where the whole process includes waging war with my lizard brain ;) Anyway, the contents here are (merely) the consequence of continuous doing as I never want to bury my ideas with me in the grave. It is a part of a creative journey.  

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