Never Get Tempted

Date Posted: Feb. 16, 2021

In one of my past journals,  I stopped drinking coffee for good after the enslavement of many years. It's been six months since my last cup. I swore by it not to get tempted.

I'm winning!

So much self-taught advice saying, "remove the temptation" if you want to avoid the binge. If you check your mobile phone even before rising to pee in the morning, then don't sleep with the phone! The list could go on.

But it takes willpower to win with dependency. I did not follow the above idea of removing the temptation. Coffee is still around my premises while I live with a coffee drinker. I smell the aroma. This temptation is right there to snap me anytime. My motivation to avoid going back to the unwanted habit is simply this: I imagine wrapped by a darknet -- I was a slave before, and now I am free. That's it! Imagine how petty it was -- it's just a teaspoon, yet it ruled for years. I should be the boss of the granules. 

And so I am, and so you!


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