Repressed Primates

Date Posted: Feb. 13, 2021

This is a reflection about Robert Greene's "Master Your Dark Side" concept on Youtube.

We are sophisticated primates.  We can discern between good and bad.  As we grow older, we gain wisdom within our mind's acceptance.  And we struggle to be... good!

The struggle to be good is a natural inclination to be accepted in the society.  By being accepted, we are able to execute and let another person be a part of our undertakings.  But there is a trade-off in treading the path of being a lady or gentleman.  The demons inside of us get heavily repressed.  We have to be politically correct.  We have to conform with the norms.  We have to do it right.  We have to...

Meanwhile, there is this dark side of us wanting to assert itself too.  

Mr. Greene mentioned about how some of his writings were built around his dark side, the strong emotion of rage.  He also explained why some music, film, and other books that root from darker emotions tend to offer stronger empathy than bland emotions.  And you can chart that they tend to succeed! 

The very concept is channeling the dark side of feeling, transmuting it into great creations.

I have yet to read his book:  "The 48 Laws of Power," then I'll get back to expound on this subject.


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