The Day I Stopped Drinking Coffee

Date Posted: Feb. 3, 2021

And so, I had this moment too, like the way chain-smokers fight the urge to burn one stick of cigarette. Meantime, I struggled to stop drinking coffee last year.

It's just coffee! The elders drink it to their 80's, and nothing happens to them, by far. But I was dependent on it. After a meal, there seems to be a bell ringing, hounding me to fill my cup for a hearty drink, which helped me get by since college. It became my gasoline. Everything productive or non-sense, witnessed by many cups of coffee, even my debut music release.

I noticed in the last years or so, I tend to get a headache just because I missed a cup of coffee! One drink would cure me.

My bile or brain ruled it all, lashing its side-effects in faint call of dependency, day by day, a hypnotic routine to fill my cup with this sweet concoction of the ancient ages. It's an essential fuel to my productivity.

Why was my sibling not drinking it at all? She can manage the day without it, unlike me. It's subtle slavery!

By mid-August 2020, I stopped drinking coffee for good. I was expecting some tell-tale effects, but somehow it's not so significant. I already forget how I was so addicted to it for a long time. Never have I got tempted to drink one single drip to date. What was I when the craving was that damn strong?

But now I'm free!

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