Ruminating About Happiness

Date Posted: Jan 22, 2020

Every person has their special definition of happiness.

Happiness could be an old coin or an old picture that brings back good memories. Or a statement…

I have read about this stroke patient whose part of the brain has been affected by the ailment that he can’t feel anything but happiness. Needless to say, happiness is mental. But there is time that runs with it.

Time – is the catalyst of that moment. 

How long did it make you happy? It must be so good that it gets written in the RAM inside your head, that even as years pass by, it still makes you smile when you remember it. You can’t underestimate the long-term effect of giving happiness to someone, the same way you can’t imagine the trauma it can bring if you do the opposite.

So, I asked again, with every experience that pokes the emotion inside: Why is happiness fleeting too? Was it about status? How many rich and famous people committed suicide? How many marginalized humans can still smile despite having no fortune?

Just seize happiness as it is. If it is happening right now, close your eyes and remember fondly. It will only happen as long as the circumstances collide with your tangible presence and consciousness. Then, it won’t be back for a while. 

Lastly, the most important task is to take care of the ‘seat of fire’ – the state of mind. Don’t let it get sick. Avoid corrupting it by abuse. The rest is self-explanatory. 

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