The Self-Centered Voice Within

Date Posted: Jan 23, 2020

Being conscious of something centered about yourself is one of the hardest beasts to tame.

A colleague was once texting on his phone while I was in the middle of a deep thought, but it so happened that I was fixated at the direction of his hand. So, he thought I was snooping at what he was texting. He said smilingly: “Why are you looking at what I am texting?” I was quite appalled, it brought me back to my senses. I retorted with a smile and slight humor: “No, I'm not. What will it benefit me if I read those messages? They will just clutter my mind.” 

There are related instances to this. Example, when a pretty lady crosses the street and a rushing car beat the traffic light, nearly hitting her, she frowns thinking that the driver was not even concerned that she was passing by. Why was it not about her? But she will never know that the driver was rushing his dying wife to a hospital. It doesn't matter if he hits the president along the way, as long as he can pass through!

In almost of all instances in life, no one thinks of the other way around but oneself. Of course, it is the closest thing one can be! It seems natural. When caught by instinct, everyone resigns to oneself first.

The lack of connection won’t deliver to explain the reasons behind each action. Why did he/she not consider you? The reason is basically beyond your understanding because it is not about you at all and you are out of it. Thus, you have to be in your own business and don’t mind much the other person's business unless you are both significantly connected. 

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