The Useful Waste of Time

Date Posted: Jan 21, 2020

There is this important book with an intended blank page before the tirade of words greet you. And a follow-up notes that intends it blank.

Because everything breathes..! 

Even a song breathes, for example. When I find intense music with some amounts of silence, shifting to a very mellow sequence before it gets back to its original fierceness, it sorts of dissolve the monotony. I tend to hear longer measures of silence in the progressive rock genre and not all the time with another music genre.

Anyway, when we slow down in life, there is a trade-off backed up by guilt. It would mean more to people who do not deviate or give rest an ample time because a bit seems to be a waste of time. 

There will always be this moment to slow down by choice, or nature will take you down. One of the ways of killing time is the one spent breathing, a health break. Life is not always a race. It is self-explanatory. But a lot seem to take it for granted. 

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