The Simple Philosophy of Listening with  Interest

Date Posted: Jan 20, 2020

There was this blocking slate in front of me when I took this journey of producing for serious distribution and getting my music heard. Even if the references on the Spotify artist page are coherently written, you just can’t see through.

Because I’m a nobody in the world of music, there are only social media to turn to. I know -- some people hate networks like the plague, but if you are a starter whose real-life friends are submerged in the corporate sea or so, chances are, you are left to figure out on your own.   
Fast forward today, social media helped me mingle with indie artists who share my interest. You just need to jump the bandwagon and interact sincerely. You can join the invitations to get your track in (their) playlists.

Meanwhile, I was curating my own mainstream Spotify playlists before I realize that I should curate for indie artists too, as I love listening anyway. 

Then after a period of intense listening, I appreciate how versatile and talented Indie artists are, to the point that they can even beat a lot of mainstream musicians with their skills and capacity! They are just underrated. 

I prefer to sample/listen to hear what I like, as I believe that artists already tried giving their best by default, for sure a good one is just sitting right there. It never disappoints me! So, I pick instead of simply doing a collaborative playlist, where an artist drops in a track. Collaborative playlists are like useless bins, in my opinion. By far, I only had one (1) collaborative and never did it again.

When I started to really show interest in what others do, I noticed that many of them would like to return the favor. I have learned something from it! Then, I notice that I get added to some playlists without having the need to ask. It’s not much, but my efforts of listening and adding them ahead were not at all futile!  

Meanwhile, there is this true formula for it all, quoted -- "make a remarkable music, so good that people won’t ignore!"  But scratch that. The best of the best in the world are not just best in their craft, but they also have the best of connections. 

But since I haven’t finished my assignments yet, I am back on my feet like another simple indie artist out there (reminds me of Jonathan Seagull’s description of the flock of birds pushing and shoving each other to find food by the shore – all of them mediocre – hahaha!)

I’m left with my basic formula: “Listen with interest without expecting anything from anyone. Be of more benefit than a liability, then move forward…”  

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