Concise ART-icles

Written and Illustrated by: Ann B.S.

Concise Figure Drawing - Part 2

Jan 4, 2020

<<< Continued from Part 1...

THE HANDS - In doing complex bending of joints, the approach is to try the samples below. You can also look at your own hands and copy them:

THE FEET - It is interesting how a horseshoe resembles the extreme front view of a human foot. See below. Just visualize it facing you.

It could go back to doing the stick figure:

When I was a kid, my first drawings were sticks. Sounds too elementary? Not at all. A good technique in figure drawing is to do it like when you are a kid. Do the stick figure.

It is like a skeleton dressed up by muscles. The only difference is, you should now do it with a sense of proportion. By applying this technique, your drawing will be easier to project. Complex postures and actions get done using sticks.