Work Faster!

Date Posted: May 22, 2022

Got unfinished tasks? Just DO them now!

Observe ourselves brooding in one corner, trying to figure things out, aiming for perfection that will never happen. It only extends the time until nothing gets done!

The idea seems elusive when there is a writer's or artist's block. Merely saying: "I am not efficient today because I have no inspiration" is an alibi. It is a half-commitment to finish.

Just do it without delay. And, if our reptilian brain nags about our incapacities and horror of being laughed at what we do, slap ourselves hard!

Just DO it until the reflex moves automatically and as mindless as possible! Don't get me wrong -- it is not a ploy to do stupid things.

If we try to be wiser about it, the only way is to do it faster, without killing ourselves. The deadline is always the timebomb. 

We are the protagonists of a great show. The tenets say: "The show must go on!"