The Graveyard

Date Posted: June 7, 2021

The graveyard is sacred ground. It is the place where mediocre and brilliant minds get consumed by the earth after death!

How many ideas terminated in the graveyard? How much brainstorming never materializes to reach the point of success and failure?

Just as we hoard non-living things, we also curtail the emergence of neural thoughts inside our heads -- the ideas. They died inside our cranium because we let the resistance kill its remarkable development. The alibis ruled, and they became insignificant.
The birth of an idea needs a self-drive to become productive work. There is a series of mixed internal doubts and fears while it is brewing. Filtering the thoughts to become one solid idea to present the world is not devoid of personal discomfort during execution. If it made its way, then it is a potential asset that can change the world.

An idea, backed up by a commitment to make it work, is what I meant.

A parallel universe runs in our lives if we perceive it now. One big idea is one of them. It could be what we studied, what we skipped sleep for some nights. It is a boulder that we need to push forth the stiff cliff, except that all along, we may be hoping that the gods would ease it up by casting off the gravity. As sophisticated machines, we process them all, including the weight-adding alibis. Then after beating the rambling noise inside our heads, we only realize that nature has its enormous business to do, detached from us. It will be a smooth mission if we unburden ourselves with alibis.

The idea is a creature that breathes what we inhale. But it ceases to propagate if we remain passive. It dies inside our heads without complaining. It is in the rule of the unsaid!  
When we do not empty our minds, our ideas terminate inside them. The alibi to curtail them is so strong -- it kills the spirit to act!  

And so I'll never forget to imagine the graveyard every day, with the hope to only dump my empty cadaver in its pit, without my big ideas. I can learn enough in this lifetime to do more while there is still time to find balance in between. 

[Inspired by the book "How to Live" by Derek Sivers]


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