The Kick@ss Journey

Date Posted: April 9, 2021

As I have been reading about doing the distinct -- means doing the remarkable -- to kick ass!
Producing a great product is what made selling a success, say it is like when a piece of music becomes a household topic. It is remarkable when it is a hit.

If what we are doing has no WOW factor, then stop at once and change it. If it is so bland without any added value, then the ignore bin is just right in the corner. We need to soar.  
If what we are doing right now is trekking to fail and too late to deviate, we can charge it to experience. Every failure is a lesson to avoid getting repeated. Then we can try again to be remarkable.

How is it to be remarkable? There is a panel of approving bodies who will stamp us. They are the gatekeepers who are accredited to nod at what we do.  
And now we ask ourselves, why be subjected to the torturous process of achieving the remarkable?

Don't sweat it. The truth is, the remarkable may not be what it sounds to be.

Search deep into ourselves. What do we truly want? Do we want to be recognized by the large crowd, or do we want the silent happiness of solitude? Both are hard to achieve in reality.  
For instance, an Olympic champion and a first-order monk may share the same intensity of happiness on opposite terms. The Olympic hero gets happy to bring home the gold, sprinkled by loud applause. On the other hand, the first order monks find happiness amid unachievable solitude.

And if we choose to take the loud and crowded road, then be ready for a wild turn!


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