Juan Taratitat:  The Illustrated Blog

Written & Illustrated by:  Ann B.S.

Introducing Juan Taratitat...

Jan 25, 2020

Juan Taratitat features random topics with suggestive solution to practical life conflicts.  

Juan, the character toon, takes an independent sub-plot, hitting the main topic with pun, to spice things up. His side kick is 'Alexander the Ant,' a tiny, over-scaled, rascal (pilosopo) who loves exchanging silly banters with our hero.

The implied plot in each episode will always be in progress, indefinite and only tied up to the concept. The purpose is to keep the excitement fresh (hopefully).

That being said, it is still testing the waters of the interwebz! :)


Peps described Juan Taratitat upon following a few episodes:

"My sister has shifted the paradigm of the Filipino folklore JUAN from a lazy nobody, bluntly called "Tamad" (who simply waits for the guava to fall on his mouth) to somebody who is so proactive and assertive as "Taratitat"... Take time to read the series and enjoy the comic arts as well."