Digital Comic Strips / Illustrations

Brief background:  I have done some serious realism comic books (under a pen name)
for a US publisher, which in a way, earned me some royalties to date.  

Now, I am concentrating my flair in comical humor,
so I would only post fun comics here and won't crowd it with anything else.
Thanks to my important mate, Mr. Wacom.  Enjoy!  

Fart Terminology
(Comic Strip)

Could be your wackiest
bathroom humor... 

Desperado Series
(Comic Strip)

Ridiculous predicament
of a die-hard optimist!  


Meet Rox Florintana,
the Roxstar with an attitude. 

Juan Taratitat: 
The Illustrated Blog

The life episodes of our 'punny' blog hero...

Concise ART-icles

Personal artistic SECRETS that I'd like to share with you. 

You can merge them with your learned (artistic) experiences to find what's useful to you:

Conventional Artworks

There were times when I nosebleed with these stuff...  
Shifting to digital art robbed me off the opportunity to face the canvas often.

3'x4' Oil on Canvas

Random Art in Oil/Acrylic

Each cover art goes with my original music.  You may listen here now.